Evaluation of owner’s dog or puppy and initial training session: $250 (2-3 hour session)
Consultation to select breed or type of dog:  $100 (Hours as needed)
Selection of puppy or dog:  $150 (Hours as needed)
Owner training – Aretas trainer helps client select dog:  $4500
Owner training – Owner selects dog on their own: $5000
Fully-trained service dogs (available occasionally): $5000
Training consists of 20 two-hour private lessons with outings
Some of the outings will be individual and some will be group outings with other clients
At least 5 additional group outings
Testing for public access by an independent tester
Owner training packages are divided into three payments:
  • Before the first training session
  • At lesson #8
  • At lesson #16
The question is often asked as to why we charge less when we help select the dog.  Our experience has shown us that the most successful dog teams are those in which we help select the right breed or type of dog, the right breeder or rescue organization, and the right individual dog or puppy.
Starting with the right dog with the best characteristics, confidence and suitability to the individual allows for the most efficient training possible.  We spend more time moving forward with the training and less time fixing problems along the way.  Therefore, we offer a lower training cost to clients to use our guidance in selecting the right service dog in training candidate.
Modest travel  fees may apply for excessive distances.