Aretas is sometimes translated as excellence. But that is just a fraction of its true significance. In the Homeric Age, competition was the outlet for all other virtues – courage, loyalty, trustworthiness. The Ancient Greeks did not fear that competition bred immoral behavior. They believed that competition taught moral behavior. In the heat of battle, someone with aretas had proven himself to be a fearless opponent and brilliant strategist. Sports contests became a way to hone aretas in daily life. Thus aretas – attaining excellence through competition – became the supreme Grecian virtue.
Similarly, Aretas Assistance Dogs strives to produce the most highly trained service dogs available, utilizing scientifically based training practices that create happy dogs who love their jobs. Aretas takes great care to make the most appropriate matches between clients and dogs, taking training needs, the best interest of both person and dog, individual personalities and most importantly, the bond between dog and handler into consideration. Ongoing support and advice is available to our clients for the life of their dog
Our competition is an internal one – to select the very best dogs, to maintain the most advanced training strategies, to match our dogs and clients as ideally as possible, to teach our clients excellent handling and training skills, and to remain available to our teams for the life of their partnership with the best support available. Through the excellence of our dogs, our clients, and our trainers, our goal is to produce the most excellent service dog teams.

About Aretas Assistance Dogs

What We Do

Aretas trains dogs as mobility dogs, balance dogs, hearing alert dogs, diabetic alert dogs, autism dogs, PTSD, as well as comfort dogs for children with life-threatening, chronic, or terminal illnesses. Click here to read more.

How We Train

All of our training is done using innovative positive reinforcement methods to produce a happy working dog. You can be assured that a dog from Aretas has been raised and trained with loving, motivational techniques.  Click here to read more.

Where We Get Our Dogs

Most of the dogs in training with Aretas are puppies who have been whelped by us and born to a mother we pulled from a shelter. Click here to read more.

The Latest News From Aretas

Selecting a Dog Breed for Service Dog Work in Texas

The first step in selecting a potential service dog for training in Texas is to decide whether you plan to buy a purebred puppy from a reputable breeder, or adopt a rescue dog. I’ll cover just purebred puppies in this post of how to get a service dog, and tackle rescue dogs in the next post. Determining what breed will best fit your individual service dog needs is complicated and best determined with professional advice.  Find a trainer who has a wide range of experience with different breeds of dogs and knows the breed traits of all or most of […]

Service Dog Selection – The Right Way

The first thing to do when starting the search for a service dog in-training is to locate the most qualified service dog trainer you can find.  Don’t get a puppy or a dog and then look for a trainer!  Find the trainer first, and let them help you find a service dog prospect. When looking for a trainer, find someone who has loads of dog training experience, has studied or apprenticed at a reputable service dog organization, understands disabilities and working with a disability population, knows dog breeds extensively, understands how to identify reputable dog breeders, and who has experience […]

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