Where We Get Our Dogs

Most of the dogs in training with Aretas are puppies who have been whelped by us and born to a mother we pulled from a shelter.  These puppies are whelped in a home environment and training and socialization is started from day one.  Puppies are worked with from their first day of life, with very specific handling protocols to enhance neural development, early socialization, exposure to strange sights and sounds as soon as they are able to see and hear, and early training of basic skills.  We are very proud to be able to support the efforts of rescue while still providing dogs who have not undergone unknown trauma in the past.  We feel that we are offering the best of all world’s with this unique program.
We also believe that there are situations that call for dogs from a purpose-bred program, and we will be developing a small breeding program in the future.  All of our breeding will be done with health, temperament, and best breeding practices in mind, using the advice, expertise and support of knowledgeable, reputable, responsible breeders.
By combining this dual approach of both rescue dogs and a responsible breeding program with a positive and scientific approach to training, Aretas strives to pair the right dog with the right client every time.