What We Do

Aretas provides dog training-placement for children with chronic illnesses. Specialty dogs such as mobility dogs, balance dogs, hearing alert dogs, diabetic alert dogs, autism dogs, PTSD, as well as comfort dogs are specifically trained for children with life-threatening, chronic, or terminal illnesses.
  • Breed/ breeder/puppy selection:  We help select the breed of dog based on the clients needs and preferences, we locate reputable breeders with puppies available, and we evaluate the puppies with the client to select the right service dog in training.
  • Rescue dog selection:  For clients who prefer to select a rescue dog as a service dog in training, we locate reputable rescues and evaluate dogs with the client to select the right dog.
  • Evaluation for suitability:  We evaluate a dog you already own for suitability as a service dog in-training.
    NOTE:  We strongly recommend that owners consult us before buying, adopting, or accepting a new dog for service dog training.
  • Owner training:  Owner trains their service dog through private lessons with trainer.
  • Fully trained dogs:  We occasionally have fully training dogs to place.
  • Online owner training – in some cases, clients who live out of the area can participate in owner training via t technology.
  • Follow-up training:  We continue to assist owners with training issues for the lifetime of the partnership.